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Can I use my financial aid? 

Yes! Any financial aid used for a semester at LR is applicable to your semester abroad. You will need to maintain full-time enrollment to qualify for financial aid. 

When should I start the process of looking for a program? 

The best time to start planning for study abroad is during your first year, but in general you should start looking about a year in advance of the semester that you want to study abroad. 

Do I need to know a second language? 

No! We work with you to find classes that you need that are taught in English. 

What are the living arrangements like? 

It varies from program to program. Some have home stays while others will have housing in a dorm-style living situation. 

How much will it cost? 

Bilateral and ISEP Exchange programs cost the same as tuition and fees at LR. With Direct programs the student will pay the costs of the host university directly and do not get to keep any LR specific aid. You can find cost and scholarship information on each program brochure. 

Where can I study abroad? 

Anywhere! We have programs in over 50 countries. If none of our affiliated programs work for you, we can work with you to arrange a study abroad experience in another country. 

What classes can I take? 

Most of the universities have all of their classes open to study abroad students. Students should look at the host university's webpage for course listings. 

Will studying abroad set back my graduation date? 

At LR, we work closely with students to make sure that the courses taken abroad keep you on track to graduate on time. It is important to plan ahead and meet with your study abroad advisor and your academic advisor to get classes that will count towards your degree.